Ensure Security Throughout Your Entire Facility

All Hazards Threat Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (AH-TVRA)

1. Assess

the existing security protection in terms of countering the identified security risks.

2. Evaluate

identified threats and establish the level of risk, the likelihood of an adverse event and its resulting impact.

3. Provide

gap analysis to isolate areas where your security program does not meet industry best practices.

4. Recommend

risk control strategies to mitigate identified security risks to an acceptable level at an acceptable cost.

"Joe's thorough analysis of both our strengths and weaknesses enabled the district to create a solid plan for securing our district. Furthermore, his interactions with staff throughout his visits made them feel confident in the recommendations contained within the TVRA."

John Spalthoff, Superintendent Of Schools, Spring Lake Heights Schools

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"Our district serves over 13,000 students across 15 schools. Throughout the process True Security Design gave every one of our schools the attention required for the most thorough analysis. Our security practices have been much improved as a result of the audit."

Kenneth E. Graham, Ed. D., Superintendent Of Schools, Sachem School New York

An effective Threat Vulnerability & Risk Assessment (TVRA) is the first step in developing a valuable facility security program. We begin with developing an understanding of your culture; preservation of that ethos fused with an understanding of safety and security, can produce a more secure environment without significant disruption. The TVRA identifies the security risks an organization faces and ensures that a physical security program is designed to combat those risks. Effective security starts with clear understanding of your vulnerabilities. We can help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses in a wide variety of scenarios and give your organization the roadmap it needs.


Our experience and comprehensive approach deliver optimum results for our clients.


A TVRA includes on-site visits to each school where all equipment and layout of the buildings are evaluated for safety and security risks. We conduct interviews with staff including the grounds/plant supervisor to gain an understanding from every point of view.

Once the assessment is complete each building receives a written report on all findings along with a “Road Map” to mitigate any weaknesses found. Also included is a meeting with staff to review recommendations and speak to the school board about the findings.