Ensure Safety Throughout Your Entire Facility

Crisis in the Workplace / De-Escalation

Crises are often unexpected events that can be brought on by an internal employee or intruder. Unfortunately, it is often our co-workers that are the ones in crisis and threatening violence to other staff members. The early recognition that a potential crisis is imminent can lead to effective action and prevent or at least reduce its impact. Every day, people are called upon to intervene with a person in crises which may become dangerous if not de-escalated properly.


This course will teach you how to:

  • Define a crisis, de-escalate and understand a person in crisis
  • Control your emotions during a crisis
  • Influence and communicate with a person in crisis
  • Diffuse and resolve a crisis situation effectively
  • Learn how to use the behavioral stairway to effectively influence change in a person in crisis

"Given the times we live in, we wanted to provide our employees with the knowledge and training they need to recognize danger and react in the best way possible. He presents in an easy to understand manner, giving employees valuable information, stressing ‘awareness and preparedness’ rather than fear.”

Tim Winter, Manager, Newsday Security

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True Security Design - Active Shooter Class

Surviving an Active Shooter in the Workplace

The number of active shooter/active killer incidents are on the rise nationwide and no one knows when or where the next attack will take place. Is your staff prepared to survive a deadly encounter? This class is a hands-on active shooter response training for everyone in your building. Our program goes well beyond the standard “Run-Hide-Fight” presentation. We look at the historical record of these kinds of attacks to find the lessons to be learned from each horrific event. Knowing how these attacks unfold can help you make the right decisions during a violent and chaotic incident.


We offer two distinct programs:

  • A classroom presentation where your staff will learn the tell-tale signs of the “internal threat”, a person with legitimate access to your facility, but who may be a danger as well as the outside attackers who target your office space. We cover how to evaluate these threats, when to report concerns and how to protect yourself during a violent event. This program also includes a work place walk through where our instructors provide direct recommendations for surviving an active shooter.
  • Everything in the initial class with the addition of an actual on site “drill” using our highly trained role players, we prepare your staff to respond and survive a shooting event in their own work place and then simulate an actual attack so your staff can use what they have learned in real time, in the place they work.

"The presentation helped me identify weaknesses in my facility security program and provided solutions and examples for risk mitigation. I plan to pursue and coordinate this exact lecture with Joe for my entire facility.”